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How To Choose the Right Site

Written By edpeny on Friday, 25 May 2012 | 09:38

With the explosion of online dating sites has come a virtual smorgasbord of choices. There are free sites… I don’t recommend those but if money is a real concern, they are better than nothing. There are the large paid sites with many and varied features like chat, IM and even matching using profiles. There are the less expensive paid sites with few features. There are special interest sites for almost any thing you can think of...outdoor enthusiasts, couch potatoes, religious, non-religious, gays, lesbians…like I said…almost anything you can think of. So what’s a girl to do? A girl should choose the site or sites that best fit her needs.

Here are some things to consider:

(1) Cost. How much do you want or how much can you spend each month for your membership (s)?
(2) Features. Which features are the most important to you?
(A) Profile matching systems. Is this a feature you really want or would you rather decide who is right for you all by yourself?
(B) Chat and IM’s? There are websites who offer chat rooms and IM’s on their sites. Does that matter or would you be happy just sticking to private email.
(C) Outside Events…such as speed dating? Are you interested in that?
(D) Privacy. Some websites allow you to limit who can view your picture or your profile. Does this matter to you or do you want as wide exposure as you can have?
(E) Safety. There are websites who do background checks of all subscribers and certify their age, marital status and background. Would you feel safer using this feature?

These are a few things but not all things you should consider when choosing an online dating service or services. Do your homework and choose wisely for the best results for you.
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Very Cheap Domain

Written By edpeny Art design on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 | 14:53

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Online Business

Written By Arni Setia Hermini on Saturday, 3 March 2012 | 23:12

As no end when talking about online business, so many ways or methods used in the online business, such as Paid To Click (PTC), Paid To Read (PTR), Paid To Share (PTS), Cost Per Action (CPA), Paid To Download, free advertising, etc.
Everyone was very forward to doing business online with ease, but not everyone can do, many factors that cause people to succeed in online business, but many people fail or give up the online business.
As a consequence in running a free program online business is "time" how much time we have used, because the amount of time that we use will be directly proportional to what we get.
It is time to open the mind to be better, if only the money that we are looking on the internet, or is there something more useful than money ..??
Despair and ambition is to become a factor in the cessation of a person running a business online, the lack of information and high ambition, but is not endorsed patience and perseverance will be a dilemma in online business.
Certainly everyone expects to get an easy job, do not need to spend a lot of power, do not have to go far, a lot of time for family, a lot of free time to have fun, and of course, earn a great income in quick time.
Necessary sincerity and seriousness in running an online business, perseverance and patience is needed, many business programs offered by well-known sites, ease and a stack of free money that was promised is not necessarily as fast as we can achieve what we imagine. We must understand that all the effort it takes hard work and processes, not just online businesses, all businesses that exist outside thence would require sincerity and consistency in the running.
Below is one method or way of online businesses that are offered on the internet. I hope to be information to be learned in running a business online.

 CPA Networks And How They Work

The first thing you have probably already realized is that there are a lot of shady companies
out there and you don’t want to work hard to gain someone's trust just to send them to a
company that doesn’t deliver what it promises – worse, is out to scam her!
One way to protect yourself, and your prospect, is to join a reputable CPA network.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what benefits each one offers, until you’ve signed up and tried
them out.
3 highly reputable companies to start with are:
1. Clickbooth
2. Pepperjam
3. ShareaSale
Later on, after you’ve got the hang of CPA marketing, you might wish to try a few more.
Here is a sampling of better-known CPA networks:
• Adfish
• Azoogle
• AZN Network
• Clickbooth
• Hydra
• Linkshare
• Max Bounty
• Neverblueads
• Offerweb
• Ourfreestuff
• ROI Rocket
• ShareResults

Thank"s Online Business
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Improve Sales Through Your Website

Written By Arni Setia Hermini on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 | 16:10

Anyone who has been marketing online knows that the lifeblood of a business is the traffic of a site. More visitors equal more sales. However, here are some ways that you can tweak your sites with to improve sales without the need to get more visitors.

The first method is to weave in your personal touch in your sales message. Nobody wants to be sold to by a total stranger, but many people will buy what their close friends recommend to them. If you can convince your audience that you are a personal friend who has their best interest at heart, they will be convinced to buy your products. Remember to speak to an individual in your salesletter, not to your whole audience.

The second method is to publish testimonials and comments from your customers. A good idea would be to publish both good and bad comments; that way prospects will be really convinced that these testimonials are real. When prospects see testimonials on your website, they will have the confidence to buy from you because human beings follow the herd mentality; when others have bought and proven it authentic, they will jump on the bandwagon and buy too.

Use visual representations for the problems and solutions that your product offers. Not everyone will read your text copy from the head to the tail, but most people will pay attention to images on your website.

Offer quality bonuses to accompany the product. When you offer bonuses that complement your product, your prospects will feel it's a very good deal and it would be stupid to miss it. Be sure to state the monetary value of your bonuses so that people will be even more compelled to grab your good bargain.

Lastly, ask for the sale! Many people entice their prospects with the benefits of their product, sell to them with stories of how it has solved many problems, even offered killer bonuses but forget to ask for the sale. Give a clear instruction on how to buy your product (e.g. "click the button to buy now!").
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Should I Create a Website?

People always want to follow the latest thing, be it in fashion, sports, that kind of thing. Websites have become a necessity to almost everyone. Companies, businesses, individuals, even young adults have created personal websites with their respective purposes, be it for profit, or for entertainment.

What one must consider, however, before creating a website, are the factors in which must be put to thought before doing so, such as the cost, maintenance, use, web host and so forth.

Firstly, associating with the cost, we must always try to find an affordable host, not spending too much, nor too little. A cheap host does not exactly symbolize a credible reliability rating, but we must always look for value for money deals. Also, regarding the efficiency and server/web host reliability, there are many cases of web hosts not providing the service they had assured other people, some had even shut down and were nowhere to be seen. Keep this note in mind, as if you would like a long-lasting website, this would be the first thing to look for.

Next, would hiring a professional be affordable? Is it the best option? For simple websites, we could always pick up the coding, or even use programs, as it is relatively simple. However, when it comes to more complex coding, and when you want it to do a tad more than just providing information, hiring help in doing so would be the best way. Not only in terms of design, but security is also a key factor in assuring a quality website. If the website also acts as a portal for businesses, security would definitely be the issue here.

So, having considered the things to do before building a website, do we actually NEED one? If creating one would boost sales or promote positive implications to oneself, then by all means, go ahead and do what’s best. Yet again, planning is the key to success, in everything we do.
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Written By Arni Setia Hermini on Monday, 27 February 2012 | 11:06

Once you get some traffic to your site, you can think about apply to some Affiliate
Just remember, have at least a dozen posts on your blog before applying.
Networks like to see blogs with lots of content. Do not apply if you don't have at least a
dozen posts up because you'll be rejected.
Make it easy for the networks to confirm that you own the blog.
The easiest way to do that is to apply with your own domain email address. In other words,
If a network cannot confirm blog ownership, they will reject you. If you do not have your
own domain name, then make sure you have the email you use listed on your blog's
contact page.
The biggest scam ad networks face is scammers applying with someone else's blog. The
easier it is to confirm that you're the blog owner, the faster you'll get approved.
Apply for more than one network. Ideally, you should apply to all the networks listed here.
Do not put all your eggs in one basket. The key to make money by blogging is to use as
many revenue channels are possible while still preserving the user experience.
While you're waiting for approval, keep updating your blog.
Many ad networks will visit your blog more than once and seeing a new post when they
visit again is a good thing.
Here's the list of ad networks I currently use on my blogs.

· Google Adsense: The most popular and best pay per click advertising network is
run by Google. At beginning in your way to make money blogging Google Adsense
is a must to have. Just run the Adsense script on your blog and ads relevant to your
content will automatically be displayed.

· Ebay Partner Network: with Ebay affiliate publisher program, you can link to any
specific Ebay auction or link to an Ebay ad based on keywords to get a commission
cut of the sales generated. Search also related article How to make money selling product
with Ebay.

· Amazon: it is also a popular and versatile program. Simply link to Amazon related
products for affiliate income earning potential. Search also related article  Make money with Amazon as affiliate program.

How to Build your Online Business
· Linkshare: it is an affiliate program that have a common interface with multiple
affiliate programs. LinkShare offers many companies affiliate programs and allows
you as affiliate to join and earn commissions. Search also related article How to make
money online with Linkshare.

· Chitika: it is a search-targeted advertising network : their ads can be used
alongside or in alternative of Google Adsense. Chitika and Adsense have different
ways to display their ads. Search also related article, Make money with Chitika.

 · Commission Junction: it is the leader as affiliate marketing program, online
advertising and search engine marketing. They offer very good opportunities for
both merchants and affiliates, making easy their relationship and with their
experience they offer the best results for its customers. Search also related article How to
make money with Commission Junction.

· Infolinks : it is an online advertising company that provides in-text advertising
services to website owners worldwide. Infolinks intelligently scans web pages using
its dynamic proprietary algorithm and converts carefully selected keywords into
relevant Pay Per Click (PPC) in-text ads. You can use both Infolinks and Chitika
with Adsense in the same page. Search also related article, Earn online with Infolinks.

· Clickbank: they are the world's leading largest distributor of digital products - most
of all eBooks and software. You can choose between more than 30.000 products in
many categories and their affiliate program is easy to join. You earn a commission
on every sale you make trough your affiliate link. Search also related article, How to make
money with Clickbank.
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   Working from home is becoming extremely popular because it enables you to work your
own hours when it suits you around your personal commitments.
As millions of people like you around the world, you would like to make money online and
you arrived to this eBook for this reason.
   There are thousands and thousands of online business opportunities, but watch out : there
are a lot of scam around, a lot of smart people that promise you to make huge money with
a simple click if you buy their sci-fi and incredible product.
Forget about make money fast on the internet.
   There are fast ways to make SOME money online, but you will end with few bucks.
Let's be realistic and honest, if you want to create a profitable and sustainable over time
online business, you need to understand that there are three things that you will need :

1) A website (a blog)
2) Traffic
3) A product to sell

    Time ago people use to start a blog as a personal hobby, but now a days more and more
people would like to make money online blogging.
The truth is that not everyone will make even the bucks needed to pay the monthly hosting
     If you want to be one of the few bloggers that can really make money online you have to
plan well everything.
Like any other offline business, you will need dedication, creativity, persistence and
patience, but above all passion about the topic of your blog.
And you will need traffic, because traffic = more people = more customers for you.
Be sure to choose something that you really want to write about every single free moment
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